Wednesday, September 30, 2009


POLICY RIPS ASIDE, THE SUSPICIOUS PR STRATEGY that put this Robert Gibbs buffoon in the White House Press Secretary slot simply to play the inept front man designed as an administrative contrast and counterweight to the messianic fluency of the eternal candidate named Barack Hussein Obama (except when his teleprompter chokes), seems apparent to all but the most dedicated of partisan players.

And I suspect the pick of Joe Biden as VP was for the same reason. Make the highly brokered showmanship of Barry the Obama look good via the manipulation of exaggerated comparison.

Wasn't Joe Biden sold to the voting public as a strong foreign policy wonk? But what's he been kept doing? The President himself has laughingly informed the public that he's anointed Joltin' Joe as watchdog for the domestic stimulus money, while BHO himself calls the foreign policy shots from the shadows, afraid to confront, or even face those foreign counterparts he is stiffing or the military leadership he commands yet ignores.

Remember how half the country railed against the supposed grammatical ineptitude of George Bush?

Opinions still rage. By playing his media games at the G-20 summit, Obama has managed to insult what's left of our allies, insuring the world is an even more dangerous place.

His dramatic disclosure of Iran's "secret" nuclear facility that he has known about since last November, the same one that some of our allies have known about for several years, has made him the laughing stock of the world. Perchance, to all those free of blinders, one can't help but notice that this president has confirmed to the world that he just might be the Clown-In-The-White-House, a title dubbed to him by certain number of fallen Democrats who saw him up close during the primaries.

Because Mr. Obama deliberately embarrassed them at the G-20 meeting, China, France, Great Britain, and Russia will now move to extract a high price for cooperating with the US on the Iran issue, and it should come as little surprise should the nations actually work to embarrass the president and the United States.

Under George Bush some of our allies didn't like the US, but they respected our status and our resolve. Under apologetic and weak Obama, they no longer respect the US, and seek ways to exploit our weaknesses with even more diligence than in ordinary times. They see, according to sources close to French President Nicolas Sarkozy that Obama is nothing more than what he appears to be—an egotistical, bumbling showman in an empty suit, despite all his dedicated followers on the US Left and in the media who try to paint this man, tied to his teleprompter except when giggling late nights with David Letterman, as the greatest statesman and intellectual America has ever seen, and I mean ev-aaaaah!

Too much skin in the game to admit they were duped, or perhaps they just love cashing those George Soros-funded checks they get in the mail? Who knows? But we remain, indeed, a nation divided. A quick spin around the media turf and channel wars is enough to tell us everything we wanted to know but were afraid to ask about where our country is now headed and even why we somehow intuit that the gear-grinding propaganda machines on both sides are only now just warming up.

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