Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Well, of course he is. Barack Obama. Chicago politics. Democratic community organizer organizing the Democratic community as far as the eye can see, and then some. But of course, in a critical era with so much already on the national plate, combined with the president's "a speech a day keeps the radical right-wing revolutionaries at bay" mentality, in my own humble opinion, signals that this action is not only dangerously overreaching as the tea party movement continues to grow in opposition to any government intrenchment not constitutionally stipulated, but is laughably frivolous. I think the record shows rather clearly that the Bush example mentioned above, brought the Republicans no extra harrumph at the polls, but indeed may have proved detrimental to those candidates.

WASHINGTON — The White House’s intervention in the race for New York governor is the latest evidence of how President Obama and his top advisers are taking an increasingly direct role in contests across the country, but their assertiveness has bruised some Democrats who suggest it could undercut Mr. Obama’s appeal with voters tired of partisan politics.

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