Wednesday, September 23, 2009


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IT'S QUITE EASY TO SEE who's causing liberals and Marxists the most pain. They sputter and spend an enormous amount of time and resources in an effort to demonize those who cause them so much agony. We can easily observe that Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh cause liberals to suffer severe, chronic heartburn and draw full migraine headaches they can't wait to share with their neighbors.

Paragons of American liberty Micheal Savage and Mark Levin also pierce the frothing leftist "message" balloons, but who's counting mighty eagles now that the chirping chickens are indeed coming home to roost...

Rodeo clown or not, Glenn Beck at his most outrageous is no louder than those two hilarious party-sniffers Chris "Leg-tingling" Matthews and the salacious King of Rage, Keith Olberman. The reason Beck has captured the right wing zeitgeist so thoroughly is that he is providing a valuable service by connecting the long string of dots no one else wants to connect.

Unlike the increasingly feckless Bill O'Reilly, Beck is showing incredible stones by being one of the very few individuals willing to snatch back the curtain on the Wizard of Oz that characterizes this administration.

Which brings us to that old leftist canard—Global warming, Man-Made or Political Rubbish? The "real" facts show that more and more climatologists are stepping from the shadows of the Al Gore-scare to contradict the rush to blame man on global warming, or even to admit that dangerous unnatural warming is even occurring across the planet.

MIT climate scientist Dr. Richard Lindzen mocked man-made global warming fears in a July 2, 2009 radio interview on WRKO's Howie Carr program. Lindzen noted that man-made climate fears were "divorced from nature" and he said the scientific foundation for climate fears is "falling apart."

"How did we get a population that can be told something that contradicts their senses and go crazy over it?" Lindzen asked on the program. Lindzen recently co-signed an open letter to Congress with a team of scientists warning: "You Are Being Deceived About Global Warming. Earth has been cooling for ten years.'

When asked about climate fears, Lindzen dismissed the notion that "ordinary" Americans are buying into former Vice President Al Gore's climate views.

"We are too smart for that. You look at the polls, ordinary people see through this, but educated people are very vulnerable," Lindzen quipped. Lindzen also noted that people are being told that if they change a lightbulb, they are "saving the Earth", they are "virtuous, they are smart."

"Now you are told if you that if you don't understand global warming is going on, you are dumb, but if you agree to it, you are smart," Lindzen explained.

That sounds familiar.

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