Friday, December 15, 2006


Associated Press. In a short piece with the headline—U.S. Presses China on Trade Issues—Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, in Beijing, is said to have appealed for help in shoring up America's position on free trade.

Of course, a top Chinese official stated that change was already on the way, while complaining that Americans fail to understand China.

Fail to understand? Isn't that the same rhetorical device used by certain African-Americans to stonewall any accusations that perhaps much of that community's problems reside within its own ulture and attitudes? Recall the animosity Bill Cosby received on the heels of his straight talk on personal responsibility and hard work to his own community.

Fail to understand? Did not the hispanic community plead the same sorry case when authorities tried to crack down on loitering about and open air drinking on the streets in certain urban neighborhoods, behavior that usually leads to violence, and sometimes riots when some innocent is caught in the crossfire, such as the events that led to the 1991 Mt. Pleasant riots in the Washington?

Fail to understand? Is this not the same lame victimization ploy advanced by so-called "moderate Muslim" groups like CAIR who distort their own ideologies and statements to contemporary advantage while actively plotting to install sharia law and the Caliphate just as soon as they reach critical mass and can once again use the very real power of the sword instead of the feigned victimhood at the hands of infidels to thwart American ideals?

And now China. On trade issues of all things. Simple numbers. Language of the gods, right? Fail to understand. That's rich. China steals technology. Isn't China on Hollywood's hitlist for blockbuster DVD piracy?

First of all, let's get this right, this trade quest should be correctly expressed as "fair" trade. Absence of tariffs or price manipulations is only part of the problem. The fact that China is buying up oil and storing oil they are only beginning to use, just to keep the market prices high, supply low, while exporting goods to the U.S. far in excess of whay they purchase from American companies, shows quite well they understand the game, and are intent on winning.

This exchange with the Chinese at the start of a two-day gathering billed as a long-range "strategic economic dialogue" was intended to mollify American business groups and Democrats in Congress who want to rein in China's soaring trade surpluses. I was somewhat surprised to read that it was the Democrats who were calling for action, because I am old enough to recall that globalisation used to be a Dem issue. Has three decades of heavily exporting America's industry and capital to those who use our generosity until they gain advantage, only to later expose the weakness of many of these globalist strategies by turning against us, finally turned some heads on the Left? Maybe it's that Hollywood connection. The multinationalists and their new Manifest Destiny with its monstrous greed saddens me.

This new world order, one world government thing is real. All sides are out to win this final thrust for global empire. I just don't believe America can win this by cow-towing to our competition, friendly or not. After all, lying is the language of diplomacy.

The AP article said that Paulson and others in his high profile delegation, including Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, argued that a more flexible currency, more open markets, and other changes are crucial to maintaining free trade.

Paulson's Chinese counterpart, Wu Yi, welcomed the chance to build "mutual trust" Bt she complained that Americans failed to understand China and said that could damage relations.

I say, press, and press hard!


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