Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Last night Glenn Beck interviewed a Muslim political spokesman. The guest as usual began with the usual patriotic suck-up until Beck fired a tough question at him. He immediately sputtered into the predictable Ibrahim Hooper CAIR shuffle by tossing out Timothy McVeigh’s name while effectively changing the subject.

Let’s recap. McVeigh never made a video praising Jesus or Jehovah, citing verses from the new or old testament as he and others hacked off the head of a civilian bound and gagged. Nope, I don’t believe he ever did. Maybe there was some secondary reference to Waco, but McVeigh was working to punish an overzealous state action against what, no one can surely be certain, but it wasn’t religion.

There are rumors, and I admit that I can only call them rumors, that Timothy McVeigh was linked to the Saudi Jihadists from his tour of duty in the First Gulf War.

Al-Qaeda cultivated an angry soldier who could be swayed to bomb a government building and murder civilians. The McVeigh correlation is getting old. He was apprehended and executed. However here in the dhimmified politically corrrect West, when Muslims kill innocents they get a parade of apologists by the Western press or are exalted for doing Allah's work by the Islamic street.

I still believe that most (how many is most?) Muslims living in America for 20 years makes them no more American in temper than It's easy for Muslim politician to act loyal while still a minority, but once a critical mass is gained the trouble begins. That is, if Iran hasn’t already slipped Al-Qaeda a nuke or two and blown a few American cities to smithereens.

Remember this is a different kind of war, one so far, waged on Muslim terms and by Muslim means. Islamic Europe, Islamic America and death to all infidels who will not convert. This is the often announced plan. Invasion, then takeover. How many times can they can say it before this country begins to hear it? can we defeat them? Yes, but at what cost?

Muslims don't dare agitate in Islamic nations so what would be different for the spineless weasels that let non-Muslim countries go into war zones with Muslims killing other Muslims. The last 3 American military actions were initiated to defend Muslims. It’s time to pull out of Iraq. The American forces will never win the peace in Iraq or in the Middle East in general by fighting blindfolded and with one arm tied behind their back.

So be it. Our troops must return home or recon to friendly turf. It's precisely time to bolster ourselves here at home now, to muster ourselves into wartime shape, and to conduct this war against radicalized Islam (and those moderates hiding in the bushes awaiting the call) playing to our own strengths, not our weaknesses. Know thy enemy, Mr. President, before it's too late. The enemy is already among us. But we should not falter.

We have few friends in the early stages of this war. Accept these odds, and find solace in our own God, and may his righteousness prove to shake our reluctant friends from their stupor, and be the undoing of our enemies. Yes, this has already been a long war.


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