Monday, November 20, 2006


For those of you who have inquired after my more recent work, I have painted a dozen or more larger canvases that I haven't photographed, so they are not represented in the SWAG section of the Project yet. But once I settle into my studio on Murderer's Row in NW Washington fulltime, I'll quickly remedy that. It's been a long summer and fall as I've battled—first the string of doctors it took to get diagnosed—and then the persistant symptoms of an illness that left me a physical wreck. But I expect to feel well enough again in December to shift activities to the DC studio.

I miss Wheeling though, and will occassionally rock the road to see my buddies there and soak up a hardcore show while I'm at it. And also to pick apart the flaws I find lurking within the Wailing Wall, of course.


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