Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Still reading the radical center book. But let's get simple here. Am I conservative? I have morals. Am I liberal? I want the American worker to be of paramount importance. I want decent jobs to stay in this country. I want to buy American made products and services. I want a health care system to protect the American worker. I want our taxes to stay in AMERICA with the idea of improving AMERICA—NOT to Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. I want lobbying to be illegal. I want the media to be owned by more than three or four corporations.

Needs/ We need our borders closed and immigration to be as scrutinized as the damned stock market numbers. We need the US military strengthened to protect our the land of our fathers and our children. We need bold leaders with strong unflinching credentials. Credentials of decency and brutal honesty.

Suffice it to say we are neither served nor titillated by politicians who use their power to lie to the American citizenry or to have sex with staff. American leadership is so deftly corrupt that nothing short of revolutionary regeneration will ever repair the damage they are doing to this country on so many levels.

Remember when Guiliani told the Arab prince where to stick his $10 million check right after September 11? I certainly do. A proud moment for the old American spirit. Refusing to be bought and sold (unlike Fox News who now has Arab investors), Guiliani won the hour. How's this for a deserving ticket?

Vote Guiliani/Tancredo in '08.


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