Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Still reading the radical center book. But let's get simple here. Am I conservative? I have morals. Am I liberal? I want the American worker to be of paramount importance. I want decent jobs to stay in this country. I want to buy American made products and services. I want a health care system to protect the American worker. I want our taxes to stay in AMERICA with the idea of improving AMERICA—NOT to Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. I want lobbying to be illegal. I want the media to be owned by more than three or four corporations.

Needs/ We need our borders closed and immigration to be as scrutinized as the damned stock market numbers. We need the US military strengthened to protect our the land of our fathers and our children. We need bold leaders with strong unflinching credentials. Credentials of decency and brutal honesty.

Suffice it to say we are neither served nor titillated by politicians who use their power to lie to the American citizenry or to have sex with staff. American leadership is so deftly corrupt that nothing short of revolutionary regeneration will ever repair the damage they are doing to this country on so many levels.

Remember when Guiliani told the Arab prince where to stick his $10 million check right after September 11? I certainly do. A proud moment for the old American spirit. Refusing to be bought and sold (unlike Fox News who now has Arab investors), Guiliani won the hour. How's this for a deserving ticket?

Vote Guiliani/Tancredo in '08.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Why have our leaders forsaken us? In this house of mirrors some dub the war against terrorism, why is it that our elected leadership doesn't seem to know the depths our enemies prepare for us, refusing to call the enemy by his real name. Is it possible that our leadership is so thwarted by ignorance and arrogance that the true aggressive nature of the Islamic threat is as veiled from them as is the hair of a Shi'ite woman strolling the streets of Tehran today?

It just doesn't seem possible, does it? Let's take the administrations of George Bush and Tony Blair. They both have experts, war experts, culture experts, language experts, economic experts, and every stripe of experts on experts on campus. Why the disconnect between what's happening on the ground in the name of Allah and what's happening in the mouths of these leaders who continue to suck up to the disemblers of Islam?

Is this a top level case of dumb and dumber, or simply a Western ploy to win friends and influence oil shieks despite the evidence that quite the opposite is happening?

Is it true that once our proud leaders achieve dizzying heights of power they suddenly believe they are superhuman and can bring peace on earth and good will to mankind, simply by the force of their back slapping personalties?

And for good measure, simultaneously sell their own nations out for selfish financial gain? Let's face fact. We have a string of politicians on both sides of the Atlantic a hundred years counting who sure up their own personal empires whilst destroying the empire of the people they serve.

Since they are not in touch with their own duplicity it is no surprise they are in denial about the political duplicity festering in the Middle East. Unfortunately, many mainstream Americans haven't gazed away from their navals long enough to understand their own nation's counter-productive "meddling" overseas either.

My point is simple. Truth condemns each and every one of us humans because we all, at some time or other, deny our own duplicity out of short-sighted selfishness. In our denial we commit stupid acts to avoid responsibility of other acts we have committed.

The West's legacy to the world is violence. We sell weapons to practically anyone ready to upgrade from the pebbles and bottle bombs of their stone-age economies, as we fail to understand human nature and hand over empires to despots and then sell these despots weapons to establish and then prop up their new mini-empires.

The whole planet needs reformation. The reformation does not need to start in Iraq so much as it does here in the West. We have sold our souls for short term personal wealth and a temporary peace because the truth about ourselves is inconvenient and greed is just too convenient to pass up.

We left a desire for virtue, chastity, honesty, self-sacrifice, and honest pilgimmage in the Middle Ages and now we have nothing to to defend us against those that brought forward the lie, greed, and oppression from those same times.

Maybe this crisis of conscience will wake us up to the reality of our own and our leaders' own shortcomings. Perhaps we will rally before it is too late to do something positive and pertinent about it. The shame of ugly truth staring back at us as we curse the mirrors and praise our enemies is perhaps we will not.

Monday, November 20, 2006


For those of you who have inquired after my more recent work, I have painted a dozen or more larger canvases that I haven't photographed, so they are not represented in the SWAG section of the Project yet. But once I settle into my studio on Murderer's Row in NW Washington fulltime, I'll quickly remedy that. It's been a long summer and fall as I've battled—first the string of doctors it took to get diagnosed—and then the persistant symptoms of an illness that left me a physical wreck. But I expect to feel well enough again in December to shift activities to the DC studio.

I miss Wheeling though, and will occassionally rock the road to see my buddies there and soak up a hardcore show while I'm at it. And also to pick apart the flaws I find lurking within the Wailing Wall, of course.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Last night Glenn Beck interviewed a Muslim political spokesman. The guest as usual began with the usual patriotic suck-up until Beck fired a tough question at him. He immediately sputtered into the predictable Ibrahim Hooper CAIR shuffle by tossing out Timothy McVeigh’s name while effectively changing the subject.

Let’s recap. McVeigh never made a video praising Jesus or Jehovah, citing verses from the new or old testament as he and others hacked off the head of a civilian bound and gagged. Nope, I don’t believe he ever did. Maybe there was some secondary reference to Waco, but McVeigh was working to punish an overzealous state action against what, no one can surely be certain, but it wasn’t religion.

There are rumors, and I admit that I can only call them rumors, that Timothy McVeigh was linked to the Saudi Jihadists from his tour of duty in the First Gulf War.

Al-Qaeda cultivated an angry soldier who could be swayed to bomb a government building and murder civilians. The McVeigh correlation is getting old. He was apprehended and executed. However here in the dhimmified politically corrrect West, when Muslims kill innocents they get a parade of apologists by the Western press or are exalted for doing Allah's work by the Islamic street.

I still believe that most (how many is most?) Muslims living in America for 20 years makes them no more American in temper than It's easy for Muslim politician to act loyal while still a minority, but once a critical mass is gained the trouble begins. That is, if Iran hasn’t already slipped Al-Qaeda a nuke or two and blown a few American cities to smithereens.

Remember this is a different kind of war, one so far, waged on Muslim terms and by Muslim means. Islamic Europe, Islamic America and death to all infidels who will not convert. This is the often announced plan. Invasion, then takeover. How many times can they can say it before this country begins to hear it? can we defeat them? Yes, but at what cost?

Muslims don't dare agitate in Islamic nations so what would be different for the spineless weasels that let non-Muslim countries go into war zones with Muslims killing other Muslims. The last 3 American military actions were initiated to defend Muslims. It’s time to pull out of Iraq. The American forces will never win the peace in Iraq or in the Middle East in general by fighting blindfolded and with one arm tied behind their back.

So be it. Our troops must return home or recon to friendly turf. It's precisely time to bolster ourselves here at home now, to muster ourselves into wartime shape, and to conduct this war against radicalized Islam (and those moderates hiding in the bushes awaiting the call) playing to our own strengths, not our weaknesses. Know thy enemy, Mr. President, before it's too late. The enemy is already among us. But we should not falter.

We have few friends in the early stages of this war. Accept these odds, and find solace in our own God, and may his righteousness prove to shake our reluctant friends from their stupor, and be the undoing of our enemies. Yes, this has already been a long war.

Sunday, November 12, 2006


It's time to wake up boys and girls. Your frenzied pursuit of happiness will come to a crashing end one day very soon unless you are prepared to fight for your freedom as in the days of old. You have a voice, use it. You have a brain, use it. Learn for yourselves the cost of freedom and the nature of American liberty. Learn to recognize her enemies within. And learn how to defeat those who want to destroy her..

You can begin by watching this video clip.


Rap music, Muslim peace, and a few cameras put into action. Is it art, propaganda, or pure secularist prophecy? Violence by any other name can be seen here.

Thursday, November 09, 2006


In Ottawa Canada last night, former president Bill Clinton told a crowded forum that the election results were "a rejection of hard-headed, ideological politics in which people just make up their mind what the answer is and then they try to make the facts fit the answer," according to a report in the Toronto Star.

At a press conference before his address to a Jewish National Fund dinner, Clinton noted: "I think the American people prefer, first, a government that gets things done and is not mired in partisan gridlock."

Clinton also told reporters at the press conference that Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld's resignation was "more or less inevitable" because even before the elections, notable military publications in the U.S. were asking for a new direction in Iraq. It provides an opportunity "to make a new beginning" on Iraq, Clinton added.

The former president told the dinner crowd that Americans, while more "culturally conservative" than Canadians, are at the core "a practical people," adding, "It would be a big mistake to read the results as some big move to the left in America." Confessing that he flew to Canada after staying up until 5 in the morning celebrating his wife Hillary's re-election to the U.S. Senate, the former president concluded that U.S. voters clearly want a government that doesn't stray too far to the right or too far to the left.

"They thought that the government has gone too far to the right, is too unaccountable," Clinton said. "So what they voted for was not necessarily to legitimize the whole Democratic agenda but to give us a chance to build the vital centre of America and to get things done and come together."

We must fully understand that a "government of action" when compared to the pompous entrenchment of hackneyed partisanship is by definition—radical. This realization is one of the secrets of overcoming the general apathy of citizens wearied by the corrupt and dysfunctional nature of an aging democracy. A government stymied by partisan gridlock is just that, a government stymied by partisan gridlock. So we can infer that Mr. Clinton agrees with The Scenewash Project in suggesting that radical centrism is the best chance for a fresh beginning in building a more reflective, more engaging, government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

With Joe Lieberman's win in Connecticut this past Tuesday, there are even more pundits in the media hyperventilating over the possibility of the rise of a strong third American political party. It's certainly possible. We only have to recall the excitement in 1992 of the Ross Perot presidential campaign spectacle.

To achieve lasting impact a third party in this nation of binary thinkers must do their homework this time, and be prepared to whittle down the "bad" ideas of each party and keep only the "good" ones in creating an executable platform sculpted to cross party lines and draw together the largest block of voters who want a home in American politics but find both existing parties too damn ridiculous to warrant their loyalty.

I suggest we go back to the people again for some answers...

Monday, November 06, 2006


Every two years in the national electoral cycle they tell us we need change and it's they who want to take us off into that new direction. Details? Oh, here are a few talking points. Oh, here are a few criticisms of my opponent. Oh, we need change. We need a new direction.

My head is spinning. I am dizzy from wandering off into a new direction with every election, and just to keep this head buzz going, no matter how I try to cut through the kudzu of practical politics, it seems as if nothing has changed. The new direction is no different than the old direction.

And what about these red state, blue state tags? Not even that makes sense, although I realize that this designations came to us by accident of the media blitz in the 2000 election. But shouldn't the Democratic Party stripe be a red stripe, as in Communist red, signifying their penchant for tax and spend policies geared toward a national if not international wealth redistribution. That would leave boyish blue as the color signifier for the grand old party of the good old rich boy network. Just had a thought. Perhaps Republican red, as we now know it, is a reference to the willingness of the party to start bloody wars in Iraq. Now that's a army of change not everyone else in the voting population expected. Change can sneak up on you, like WMDs and Muslim jihadists on student visas...

Not long ago the Republicans were America-first statesmen which translated into a national isolationism, and an honest distance from global affairs, while letting the rest of the world take care of itself. And let's not forget how the eyes of many in the Democratic Party misted over in convoluted dreams of world revolution and the apotheosis of the worker worldwide, with a good portion of those despising the flag waving nationalism of the opposition.

Okay. So things haven't changed completely, but where is the party of Lincoln? Where is the fierce nationalism of FDR? We need a new direction alright. One that leads straight to home base. We need to steel ourselves in safety at home, protect our borders, get organized. As talk show host Glenn Beck says, “Vote American.”

Because frankly, I happen to believe that Al Qaeda believes in change as well, and are hell-bent on demonstrating their beliefs one by one as outlined in their political platform, one that hasn't changed in over 1300 years. You can find those marching papers in the Qur'an.