Monday, January 19, 2009


From the NRA today:

I've heard the arguments against extending Right-to-Carry onto college campuses before, but I've never heard them stated in such a way that belittles college students. In the Tulsa World, columnist Wayne Greene (who makes some pretty ridiculous arguments himself) quotes a "former academic" named Mark Taylor, who says college students "are unprepared for dealing with adult decisions of any kind, and especially with decisions of life and death."

The columnist writes that Taylor believes overprotective parents "have produced a generation of students who don't know how to fend for themselves but believe that they are tremendously important."

That argument is so ridiculous I hardly know where to begin, and if I were a college student I'd find it incredibly insulting. Are these the same students who are taking part in ROTC programs at colleges around the country? What about the military veterans who are going to school on the GI Bill? Are they "unprepared for dealing with adult decisions of any kind"? What about non-traditional students who live off-campus but drive in for evening classes? Do they not know how to "fend for themselves"?

Right-to-Carry holders are, statistically, far more law abiding than the general population. Forty states in this country have or shall-issue Right-to-Carry laws, and not one state has moved to repeal their statute. Right-to-Carry holders aren't the problem—and in fact are part of the solution when it comes to public safety.

What will the effeminate Left not do to stop law-abiding citizens from protecting themselves in the face of flagrant aggression? And yet when these very same law-abiding citizens try, under the aegis of well-founded law, to throw the book at murderous criminals, these criminals are coddled and supplied excuses for their vicious behavior. The fix is in, folks. There are people alive and in charge, or close to those who are, who desire and foment for a world on fire, whose secret and not so secret actions are slipped into our daily news along with impassioned pleas of peace, no less. Know your enemy. His name is Unsubstantiated Peace or Total Submission, so roll the dice or take your pick.

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