Thursday, January 08, 2009


THE LEFT IS NOTHING if not suicidal. Here is perfect example of how leftists "create what they hate."

Now, it is clear that the most progressive people in the United States come from its native, non-immigrant population. Most of these progressives are "white." Even the so-called evangelicals are far more liberal than most immigrant populations, such as Muslims, and even Hispanics.

But the left has visceral contempt for "whites," or anything familiar—boring to them—like Western culture. The left is addicted to foreignness, and "exotica." Immigrants, whether illegal or not, superficially fit that bill even though they are really the vast majority of humanity—not exotic at all. Immigrants from underdeveloped countries offer a double for insulated leftists--they are "different" from the hated "white" American culture, and they provide a way for leftists to act out their aggressions against more pragmatic Americans by concocting a strategy of phony moral superiority. So sure in their political correctness, even studying the suitability of immigrant cultures for integration into the United States is a condemned as being a racist act.

Read it all in the fierce vernacular of Max Publius.

And if you thought global warming is a tad bit overstated, here's the straight dope on that slippery slice of strategic misdirection.

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