Friday, September 26, 2008


DON'T LOOK NOW, BUT in a strongly worded elocution on the House floor, Republican Congressman Thaddeus McCotter from Michigan is putting this administration and the banking industry on notice that he is on the job, and shining a mean flashlight on the shimmery shenanigans the conspiratorial players in this Wall Street-Pennsylvania Avenue football game have been trying to punt past the American public the past few days as they race to solve the crisis this latest dollars and sense scandal has provoked.

As Pat Johnson on the Confluence blog succinctly put it, "For those who were enriched off war profiteering, and those who enriched themselves during this financial crisis, let them do the “perp walk”. This might drive up my confidence once again. Where is Patrick Fitzgerald? We need him now..."

Confiscate now! If the Feds can write and enforce laws that allow for the confiscation of vehicles, houses, bank accounts, and other pinched derivatives of wealth from the average lame-ass bozo who attempts to throw down a twenty spot on a Friday night for a street hooker or some dirty weed, then surely this gaggle of corporate bandits—wobbly gobbly on their own financial instruments—should face the same swift hands of justice wrapped around its own collective and individual throats, wherever we find them.

Let's save capitalism. Let's punish criminals who commit grand larceny...

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