Wednesday, September 24, 2008


SHE IS ABSOLUTELY ON THE MARK. We appear to be witnessing a coup. But by whom? Mop-up on aisle seven. Is it even possible to push back on the two dominant political parties? Is it too late? Have the mendacious Tri-lateral Commission globalists finally made their move to wrestle control of whatever resources that remain to them?

Great speech by Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur, D-Ohio...

As one wit put it, "The whole American banking system needs to be changed. American families need to save more and spend less and pool their resources together to achieve their goals. In that way, they don't have to pay the price for living beyond their means. Cash is king. Those who have lost their jobs and can't pay their mortgages, should either sell or rent out their homes, room by room, and look for something else to do to pay the bills in the meantime. Give up the debit and credit card, and pay with cash."

As much as this pains a "big spender" like myself, this sober but grim assessment and strategy for surviving it, even if still possible, appears to be the elephant in the room.

And where are the two presidential candidates and the tar baby MSM while this meltdown of American financial markets is continuing? Quick on the draw, Senator John McCain suspends his campaign, and rushes back to Congress to join Congresswoman Kaptur to shore up his prescient warning of two years ago. So let's clear up some of the disinformation coming out of the media the past 24 hours or so.

John McCain got involved in the bailout negotiations after Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson told Senator Lindsey Graham yesterday that the bailout plan would fail unless McCain came in and brought balking Republicans aboard, according to news anchor Bob Schieffer on this morning's Early Show. Schieffer's account stands in stark contrast with the allegation by Democrats like Barney Frank, Harry Reid, and their MSM cohorts that McCain's moves of yesterday were nothing more than a political "stunt."

Present but uncommitted Barack "Listen, I'm skinny but I'm tough" Obama is hiding out in battleground Tampa hypocritically practicing for a foreign affairs debate—obviously serving his nature in refusing as usual to take a stand on this financial ballout plan, preferring to stick his finger in the wind for clues and pay grades, while his Obamabots with every tick of the atomic clock, hustle and bark like frothing maniacs in decrying that Governor Sarah Palin is nothing more than a mental bulimic in everything from raising her five precious children to worshipping the fatted calf of political affairs.

Joltin' Joe Biden—the Human Gaff Machine—seems to have completely dropped off the political radar, even though he is up to his highballs in this failing economy mess, having been in the pocket of Big Finance most of his congressional career. Actually Senator Biden has never been on the radar in this election except to tally his daily blooper, his credentials as a long sitting senator from the Great State of Delaware and two failed presidential runs obviously affording him the opportunity to rest on his laurels.

The mainstream media? Go fish. The MSM would be a laughing stock if not for the undeniably vicious fangs dripping with the blood of journalism's proud history, and its mangled corpse now rotting on the ground, cast aside as ill-suited for these more spectacular times, fangs that it bares for all but its Most Chosen One during this election cycle. The air around DC is thick with intrigue, the stuff of cloak and daggers, political machine tactics, faded hopes and involuntary convulsions, the government itself just another animated corpse masquerading as business as usual.

This has been an ugly, ruthless campaign. Just ask Hillary Clinton supporters. The question on the angry quivering lips of millions of earnestly informed citizens who fear the worst in these Dickensian times, yet whom are still clinging to hopes of electoral salvation one well-equipped leader at a time, is this—will we (let us pray), as a nation of consequence, once brimming with charm, courage and promise, even survive the circular insanities informing this season's election process?

Or will November 4, 2008, actually launch an even uglier civil strife, starting with riots in the cities when one side eventually loses, fair and square, or not? Have we fallen from grace as a nation so far and so fast that The United States of America now resembles a third world dictatorship right down to the inability to transition political power without visiting violence and thuggish atrocity behind the scenes and on Main Street?

Of course with the law of unintended consequences always on our breath, perhaps we are setting ourselves up for yet another wrinkle in the rise of World War III, or worse—some foul amalgamation of all of the above as we rush to transcend race, industry and intelligence by insisting that every living creature on planet earth is somehow a racist, is somehow just plain ignorant, is somehow a troll, is somehow a bot, and we are certain, is somehow too poor for comfort, and thus so very obviously quite irrelevant in our almighty pursuit of liberty and justice for the few who make what seems increasingly to be the cheater's grade?

An enemy in American clothing. And I mean you and your kind, Bozo!

Obviously some once mighty heads need to roll under the bus before we will any of us quite be ready to look ourselves in the mirror again without seeing an enemy of the people, even as not a few very real enemies infiltrate our shores. Let me be absolutely clear. Unless these malignant financiers are prosecuted to the full extent of the law and then some, for fraudulent schemes, America will NEVER recover. Our leadership must not let these people take the money and run. They must pay the price of their plunder. Here is a link to McCain's speech given to former President Bill Clinton's Global Initiative just before he departed for Washington.

Even the often ignored but ever so outspoken and vigilant constitutionally-correct congressman from Texas—Ron Paul—doesn't offer much more than a rather vague and anemic response to this very real and unquestionably immediate (or so THEY say) economic crisis. And as we have been saying for some time now, this is only the tip of the global iceberg American industry is facing. Let's just pray that somebody now whirling around the drain will actually grab hold of reality and finally stand up for common decency and equitable justice for all, after all is said and done.

Half of life is just showing up.
—Woody Allen

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