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HERE'S ANOTHER STRONGLY WORDED message from the increasingly radicalized PUMA camp. It seems that indeed the Democratic Party regulars have begun to snatch pages from Adolph's fascist playbook (after all, Naziism, or the National Socialist Party leftist label is self-evident), and are leaving nothing to chance (nee a vote) as they tighten their grip on the party, losing disgruntled millions of their base at the same time.

Eerily, this syncs with what I overheard in a rather strange utterance over dinner with friends at DC's ever so trendy, politically-charged eatery and bookshop—Busboy's and Poets—one evening last December.

I was sitting at the table of a self-professed Marxist political activist plotting and regaling fellow radicals with anecdotes and news of the day. Then I heard this dear fellow suggest in a single phrase that to get the results he and his Naderite cronies wished to achieve, the Democratic Party must be destroyed first. The insinuation was that the Republican Party would only then be strategically vulnerable enough to topple. Not that any of this destructionism makes a lick of sense to me, as a reactionary constitutionalist, even if I were to throw on a Marxist cap for a day, and I think the record will show that I am a piss poor excuse for a venture capitalist perhaps, but a global Marxist, never!

Toppling a political party? Sorry, unintended consequences do tend to foil the best laid plans.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I must admit that I to date remain friendly with this particular Marxist Naderite, having been introduced the previous September on a trip to the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore, but we are hardly what I'd call bosom buddies, although he and his friends are indeed of the touchy-feely hug-a-lot crowd—not that there's anything wrong with that.

Okay, back story finished. Here's the PUMA report by Heidi Li...

Action alert: time to make it crystal clear that under no circumstances does Senator Obama get to pick the next DNC chair. CQ Politics is reporting a new twist in the shameless collusion between Senator Obama and the DNC to suggest that, at a time when the Democratic Party is deeply divided, it is somehow Senator Obama's prerogative to pick the next DNC chair.

Apparently the new Democratic Party way is for one chair to overrride rank and file Democrats and use any number of unscrupulous tactics to install his preferred candidate as the nominee and then that nominee turns around and arrogates to himself the right to pick the next chair, even though it remains entirely uncertain that Senator Obama will win the general election or even if he does manage to do so that he will do more than squeak by.

In any event, one thing we know about Senator Obama: he is not very good at forging coalitions among different segments of rank and file Democrats, let alone being able to "unify" the Party or the country. Since the DNC is meant to be the official representative of all Democrats (not that it has even pretended to live up to that job description under the stewardship of current chair Howard Dean), it is patently absurd to put the future of the Party's internal leadership in the hands of Senator Obama. The cycle of egomanical self-servingness has just been ratcheted up.

Since the DNC claims that the reason Senator Obama gets to dictate who the next DNC chair is, it is ever more important for the medium and long term health of the Democratic Party that Senator Obama not win this election. Here's the passage from the CQ Politics story that informs us that Senator Obama's internal party is based on the assumption he will win the general election, and that if he does win the DNC will once again hold a fake election rather than a real vote for the position of chair:

'“We expect Sen. Obama to be in the White House, and it’ll be his decision as to who’ll be nominated” to succeed Dean, said Stacie Paxton, national press secretary for the DNC.

If Obama is elected, he will designate his choice for the chairmanship, and DNC members would be expected to ratify his decision at a meeting immediately after Inauguration Day on Jan. 20.'

The story goes on to say:

'If the Democrats do not win the White House, a special party meeting would be called for an election to be held between Jan. 1 and March 1, said DNC officials. Dean and his predecessor, Terry McAuliffe, were both elected in meetings during the month of February.'

If this is the way the DNC wants to play this, then there is only thing to be done by Democrats who care about seeing their Party survive the civil war that Senator Obama and Howard Dean have already brought to it. Senator Obama must not win the general election. And his defeat must come at the hands of Democrats who now realize that in the new Democratic Party way no compromise is allowed. If no compromise is allowed, if Senator Obama is determined to make the entire Democratic Party revolve around him and the DNC is willing to be a mere satellite to Senate Obama, then responsible and wise Democrats must make sure that Senator Obama loses this election.

Read it all.

And another clear-eyed look at this crisis is Pat Buchanan's (yeah, I know, but just get over it) latest essay. So we've got Hillary's PUMAs, card-carrying Marxists, and rare Robert Taft conservatives, while certainly not in lockstep, all jostling in somewhat relative agreement.

What's that quip about strange bedfellows?

I read elsewhere that political shock jock Lou Dobbs continues to insist that plans for the North American Union are already underway. But one can't unilaterally form a North American Union with a united currency (the Amero) unless the economies of the U.S. and Canada sink to near equal that of Mexico. This economic crash seems to be a case of "Problem, Reaction, Solution" artificially brought upon us by the Federal Reserve which of course is the enterprise of private bankers.

"We were warned. Here's a quote from Thomas Jefferson:

"If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their money, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them (around the banks), will deprive the people of their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered."

And there we have it, folks. The bottom line is that an unelected financial elite has controlled this country since The Federal Reserve Act and Woodrow Wilson. Within a generation we were off the gold standard, and now, we are swamped in a miasma of worthless dollars. And as a result, what's left of any fiscal morality Americans once knew and practiced has left the building, and is whistling Dixie, otherwise known as just another somebody done somebody wrong song...

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