Saturday, April 19, 2008


Well, our Ladies In Pink are still on the beat...

THERE'S A LOT MORE to this article that you will want to read, and I will want to remember down the road, but here's a taste from Frontpage Magazine:

Code Pink may have become the best exponents of the policies of preemption and profiling in the War on Terror.

Last Tuesday, Sen. Joseph Biden ejected Code Pink protesters set to interrupt General David Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan Crocker's testimony on the state of Iraq. Biden instructed security to eject "the people making noise," and the Capitol police quickly responded, expelling the full Code Pink delegation. The latter stood out from the Hill staffers and military attach├ęs listening respectfully to the hearings for a number of reasons: not least, they were wearing black robes, white skeleton or ghost masks, and gray grease paint. (You can see a video of the whole encouraging incident here.

The best part is when the police refuse to entertain their arguments and make them march back out to the street.) Apparently unfamiliar with the word hubris, Medea Benjamin complained, repeatedly and bitterly, that Sen. Biden called for order to be restored but "the police arbitrarily pulled out people." Her final words, as the police forced the pro-terrorists out of the hallway, were, "Why did I get pulled out?"

Arbitrarily? Why, whatever could have made the police think the professional protesters in Halloween costumes might be up to mischief? Unless the fifth column leftists had been called to testify about the Scream film series, their garb was inappropriate and suspect.

Read it all.

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