Monday, April 14, 2008


LOOKING AT THE EXPANSIONIST and imperialistic attitude that is inherent in Islamic doctrine, in our own time and historically, we of sound mind can draw only one conclusion. There is only one Islamic agenda in a global context, and that is taking over the riches of other cultures. Not working on improving the world or bringing about reform in the ummah. Instead they prefer to wallow in their own nefarious filth and wait until the times are conducive in getting back to the task of conquering the world. The way I see it, we must not let it happen. I do not want to live in societies like the ummah where is constant sectarian violence, no human rights, no freedom of thought, speech or choice, and where human value and common dignity is out of the door. Only Muslim men will have status—non Muslims will be persecuted, women will be beaten, harassed and denigrated. Because their war manual tells them so.

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