Thursday, March 22, 2007


All over this country one can hear all the whining from the so-called peaceniks from the Left and the multitude of Muslim "moderates" who express the notion that freedom of expression is somehow an inalienable and universal human right. Oh yes, there is that persnickety Article 19 in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, but how does that play out for those chafing under the oligarchies of old school communism and islamo-fascism?

Advocating overthrow of a government, including the US government, is considered seditious, and is not considered "protected expression" in the so-called "marketplace" for "competing" ideas in ANY SANE (or insane, as the case may be) society. You wanna play war games, you step into a rowdy arena, big fella.

Now THAT's the nature of THAT beast...


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