Sunday, March 11, 2007


Well, it's been a busy time in my so-called life these past few. Four weeks and counting of nothing short of pure conjuring—of wheedling the membership into deadlines, of cropping the phalanx of photos into something worth the pixel count, of materializing from sheer dust the hanging margins and well-hung text, and of course, of crunching, crunching, and did I say crunching the ancillary code on this spanking new website highlighting the 52 O Street Studios building where I am supposed to be painting like a freaking banshee, or at least like a Matt Sesow. Sad fact is I've done very little of that painting thing since arrived here last August from Wheeling only to duck out until January 4 due to a long-term health setback that's only now under control.

Meanwhile my beloved ride, only four thousand miles post-purchase (and 14k total), was diagnosed with a warped head cylinder, and the dealer repair shop had to break down the engine TWICE, before I had my '05 Liberty Renegade back. Rental Jeep for a week. Definitely not the same. Let me assure you.

The grapevine rumors that I may be leaving 52OSS not long after our Open Studios April 14-15 for greener pastures is not altogether false. No signed contract, but we have been approved. Upside? Better climate controlled. And six times the space for a nomimal increase in rent. Of course Hagerstown is not DC. There will probably never be a murder right out front like the one that happened here this past week.


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