Thursday, October 05, 2006


It's obvious. I'm aging and settling into focus with what's left of my fevered boyish charms. Still an urban punk multimedia artist, despite my best intentions. In March '06, however, I rented studio space in Wheeling, WV to concentrate on painting, and get to videoediting all those punk & hardcore bands I taped in several DC clubs in the early 90s. Whether slopping fistfuls of paint onto a scrappy canvas or editing clips of "stone deaf forever" video, or tweaking my several websites, brutally observing the whole wanton juggernaut backwards and forwards, from left to right and right to left, both my short list of friends and long list of enemies will say I'm a straight shooter. Okay, whatever, slogans are only wordsuck. Meanwhile, I also run a slamming Internet radio station which plays gobs of punk, goth, and industrial electronica, plus a little bit of quite a bit else, or just enough to disturb every snot-nosed pseudo-purist out there so vigorously stuck in their ways it's painful to watch and worse to hear. The fact is this, I may respect your taste in music, even if it's not my own Brunhilde, but I spin my own.


Aiming straight for the brain, right between the ears...

So beat it on over to the Project and fire up RADIO SCENEWASH, armed for the battleground where art and politics beat each other up and few are they who seem the wiser. Follow the links to, sign-up, and start listening. Gotta have broadband though. No dial-up weenies here.

Writing from one's own nostrils. Yeah. I've done my share. Any bibliophiliacs out there with a few dimes to spare might pony up to buy my book: THE SILENT CULL AND OTHER MECHANICAL IDEAS. If you've read enough dead end poetry to last a lifetime, and prefer to just look at the pictures, then wander over to the art brut section of MY LIFE, and grab some swag.

Art with a strong emphasis on the voice of truth (one day at a time). Studies in stress...

Or just go away. If we have nothing in common but the dull human ache of disinterest, why bother? Go play someplace else.


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