Monday, October 20, 2008


THIS ASTOUNDS AND FRIGHTENS ME. America is being taken over by goon squads of one form of another. We are being set up for misery. Why and by whom? This who conspiracy is evidently much larger and more complex than candidate Obama himself, a mere tool in the hands of someone or some organization more sinister.

But what do I know? Nothing. Nothing is what I know. Propaganda and heresay is not evidence.

So, despite the total sense of helplessness some of us feel, here is another whistle in the wind suggesting that if you didn't have enough reasons to vote for Obama already, hold onto your cap because here's a doozy.

His running mate Joe Biden, speaking Speaking to an audience at a Seattle fundraiser, has now reportedly said that if Obama is elected, “We’re gonna have an international crisis, a generated crisis, to test the mettle of this guy. And he’s gonna need help. And the kind of help he’s gonna need is, he’s gonna need you—not financially to help him—we’re gonna need you to use your influence, your influence within the community, to stand with him. Because it’s not gonna be apparent initially, it’s not gonna be apparent that we’re right.”

Got that? Vote for Obama if you want a target painted on the USA...

Biden did not mince words, saying, “It will not be six months before the world tests Barack Obama like they did John Kennedy. The world is looking. We’re about to elect a brilliant 47-year-old senator President of the United States of America. Remember I said it standing here if you don’t remember anything else I said.”

“I can give you at least four or five scenarios from where it might originate,” Biden said to Emerald City supporters, mentioning the Middle East and Russia as possibilities.

Read it all.

The Chinese brought down a US military plane and held the crew during the first months of the Bush administration. I guarantee you Hu Jintao thinks Barack Obama is swahili for “come take my lunch money."

This is a major turn of events for the McCain team. Once this nation is refocussed on foreign policy, and this Biden pitch of a looming international crisis, it will be hard for the MSM and polls and undecided voters to push Obama ahead of McCain.

The senator from Arizona won’t have to “prove” himself to anyone—no renegade or rogue nation, terrorist group, or big shot with a penchant for anti-American bluster will harbor any doubts that John McCain will NOT fear responding for political reasons. I believe most people would feel safer with Old Gramps McCain at the helm during an “international crisis” rather than that young sprightly Mr. Obama.

I'm convinced I am. The kid needs some seasoning in the minors.

Let’s leave the “testing” for the classroom, which is where Mr. Barack Obama frankly belongs anyway.

Addendum: Read what the inimitable Pat Buchanan has to say about Joltin' Joe Biden and how the media has virtually ignored his bombshell statements while rushing to a feeding frenzy about Governor Palin's wardrobe.

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