Wednesday, October 22, 2008


OKAY, LET'S WALLOW a moment or two in the racist sandbox with the Obot bullies and the scooby logs...

  • Democrats wail that the RNC has spent $150K on Governor Sarah Palin's wardrobe.

    Reality check: The Barack Obama campaign spent on narcissistic styrofoam columns, and how much did it cost to rent the stadium? And besides, doesn't this elite crowd usually gush weak-kneed and in awe when over-priced wardrobe mavens, but I guess it is uppity, yes, that's right—uppity—for an Alaskan mom of five unmercifully vilified as white trash by these same spinheads looking for codewords in all the wrong places. They should look in the mirror.

  • Apparently some pizza parlor owner in Detroit feels that McCain has abandoned her Great State of Michigan so she will collect McCain signs for free pizza. Great business move?

    Reality check: If they’re stolen, she should be charged with receiving stolen property. There have been so many McCain signs stolen around certain parts of the country that it’s become a live feed. A young couple was stopped by police and 22 McCain signs were found in their car, in addition to contraband, known elsewhere in code, as illegal drugs. In her defense, the pizza lady said that she only meant for disgruntled McCain supporters to bring in their OWN signs, but it doesn't take a Harvard graduate to sense that those free slices would offer strong encouragement to any Obot already sipping on the munchie-express kool-aid.

  • And how much is Obama actually spending on this RACE for the presidency? Three-quarters of a BILLION DOLLARS! And how much of hat did he give to ACORN to engage in voter fraud? Over $800 million dollars.

    Reality Check: Need we say more?

  • And while the Uber Left, including those irascible Code Pinkers in this country moan and groan about the soldiers in Iraq, the dead natives, let's see:

    Reality Check: Body count In the last six months:
    292 killed (murdered) in Chicago;
    221 killed in Iraq.
    Chicago…. Who Runs it:
    Senators: Barack Obama & Dick Durbin
    Rep: Jesse Jackson Jr.,
    Illinois Gov: Rod Blogojevich,
    Illinois House leader Mike Madigan,
    Illinois Atty. Gen. Lisa Madigan (daughter of Mike),
    Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley (son of Mayor Richard J. Daley)

    If American coalition troops toppling Saddam Hussein and his thug Ba'ath party sons had actually been greeted with goodwill and cheers, American soldiers would have long be gone by now. But guess what, civil war among Sunni, Shia, and al-Qaeda broke out. In other words, Saddam Hussein was the sticky stuff that kept that awful nation together THROUGH HIS MURDEROUS OPPRESSION OF HIS ENEMIES WHO WERE LEGION. So presto, remove the glue and we have Iraqis killing other Iraqis along the way to the coliseum in killing the infidels pet-named the Great Satan and the Zionist Little Satan who had dared step onto their holy sandbox. Yep, that neatly summarizes the past five years in the sandbox.

    The image posted on the Code Pink Wikipedia page sums up how words can many many different things to many different people. Brilliant idea #27686109. Let's take words out of the American language. Let's allow deeds speak for themselves. Ha! What a miserable election cycle this has been...

    Now comes media darling Barack Obama who seems clueless to the nuances in the region. But what if Hillary had won the election?

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