Wednesday, October 01, 2008


WHY IS THIS NOT FRONT-PAGE NEWS? Oh yeah, I forgot. Obama Nation game. Obama Nation rules. But the news on the electronic street is that the Chicago Bears won’t allow McCain Supporters to wear McCain gear, but Obama supporters do whatever they want. Monterrey Security, a private contractor hired by the Chicago Bears, repeatedly tried to keep McCain supporters from wearing McCain gear or supporting McCain at the Bears game, but DID NOT inhibit Obama supporters in any way. People were allowed to wear Obama tee shirts, buttons, etc. and walk freely into the parking lots and Bears game. People wearing McCain stickers, holding McCain signs, and wearing McCain shirts were stopped by Monterrey Security and told that no political items were allowed in the parking lot tailgating parties or inside the stadium.

Read it all here.

Looking for some "kick ass now and ask questions later" snark in your life? Click here to watch the resurgent McCain-Palin action team on the stump in Columbus, OH.

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