Tuesday, September 16, 2008


THANKS TO JIM NANCE FOR THIS BIT of political volleyball gone bad. According to Nance, writing over at Desert Conservative the Democrats will toss another smoke bomb at Governor Sarah Palin in October in hopes of ripping her off the mojo she's earned as a housecleaning politician not a shady dealer (like their own Candidate Y).

As if the Barack Obama biography doesn't reek from an entire career spent skinning the cat...

On Oct. 10th, the Alaskan Democrats hyped up investigation of Palin will release its report. Obviously, these yahoos will do anything to damage Palin. Here are some points about the kangaroo court running the investigation of Palin:

1. The Democrat State Senator pushing the investigation has said that the report will be an October surprise and will be quite damaging to Palin. But one is forced to wonder how does he know the conclusion unless the outcome is already planned by him?

2. The lead investigator and the Democrat State Senator in-charge of the investigation have conflicts of interest because both are friends with the commissioner who resigned. Neither the senator nor the investigator disclosed this fact before the investigation started.

3. There is a picture of the three top Democratic investigators meeting in Obama’s Alaska headquarters.

4. The lead investigator has expanded the investigation beyond its authorized scope and has opened a tip line to get any rumors and gossip of dirt to add to his report.

5. The investigator is planning to use testimony from known anti-Palin political enemies who are offering hearsay that is not supported by any other evidence.

6. The final report will be written by the same Democratic State Senator that has already has found Palin guilty before he has received a report from the lead investigator.

7. The investigator is conducting secret depositions that Palin’s lawyer will not be able to see until after the report is released by the bias Democrat State Senator.

8. This whole thing is about a trooper who has already admitted to using a taser on his own 11 year-old step-son but he has never been charged on assault charges or disciplined for that tasering.

9. Supposedly, the lead investigator is to be independent but the Democrat in-charge of the investigation is directing him on which witnesses to question.

10. The head investigator might have lied in testimony to the committee on Sept. 12th. He said he has received no evidence that Todd Palin has called for the trooper’s firing. Yet, on national TV the resigned commissioner has pushed that claim. This indicates that the investigator is attempting to hide his attacks on Palin until Oct 10th. This proves that the investigator is part of the Democrats’ attempt to destroy Palin.

Democrat in-charge of the committee:
Senator Kim Elton
State Capitol, Room 506
Juneau, AK 99801-1182
fax: 907-465-2108

Democrat in-charge of investigation
Senator Hollis French
State Capitol, Room 417
Juneau, AK 99801-1182
fax: 907-465-6595

Idiots and confidence men, all of them!

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