Monday, September 08, 2008


AS THE WORLD TURNS, SO DO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE who wise up despite the pressures of a political correctness that stifles the democratic process and free circulation of ideas. Now we have reports that McCain is up ten points over Obama in latest Gallup poll.

The MSM and the stupid talking heads are again insisting that Hillary and Bill come out openly and sing the praises for the most unqualified, inexperienced, overrated “community organizer” ever to grace the national scene as a future presidential candidate. What bullsh*t!

If I were Hillary I would just say: “Look, I am far better equipped and prepared than this No Nothing, but you just had to have him. I was smeared, derided, insulted, abused, and called a racist and now I am expected to come out here and promote the very same person behind these attacks? As Bill would say, give me a break! I am the real thing, not this generic excuse for a Commander in Chief. You wanted Brand X, you got him. But don’t expect me to pitch this product. And from the way things are going right now, he ain’t doing all that well with the consumer. So start practicing, “Good morning, President McCain”.

Thanks, Pat Johnson for those poignant words! The PUMAs will be remembered by this nation as a pro-democratic anti-machine movement that stood by its own principles, old familiar, historically-tested principles that once again resonated with the American voting public!

Just ask Tammy Bruce.

And from the gift that keeps on giving, here is more news that indicates that the Obama fix is unraveling. Nigerian anti-graft investigators have seized money raised by the head of the Nigerian Stock Exchange to support US presidential candidate Barack Obama.

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission has said it would give the money back to those who attended a gala dinner in Lagos last month. The EFCC reported that it had seized 74m naira ($630,000, £314,000), while also stipulating that no Nigerian laws had been broken.

But let's not forget that US political parties are not allowed to receive contributions from abroad. Read the entire article here.

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