Monday, August 11, 2008


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LET'S FACE IT. Obama is a "post turtle". When you drive down a road in Texas and see a turtle sitting on a post, you know three things: one, he didn't get up there by himself; two, he has no idea what he's doing; and three, an unidentified third party clearly controls him and his outcome.

This gem was found on the Internet, posted by a wit who calls himself John Texan. I couldn't stop grinning.

Unfortunately, John McCain doesn't seem capable of capitalizing on Obama's obvious flaws, or overcoming his own. I again call for Mitt Romney to be nominated as VP. The man knows and can articulate economics. He is significantly more aware of Islam than the average media-whipped spectator on the run from reality. Plus, Romney would counterbalance the teflon good looks and suave demeanor of candidate Obama, and should Barack Obama pick some seasoned geezer as his running mate, the voting coin would then be just a flip away from the reflecting pool of credential parity.

If both of these tickets falter and expire with no hope left to warrant repair, there's always the Constitution Party to make the case for liberty once again before it's too late...

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