Saturday, July 26, 2008


NOW HE IS PRAISING CHINA. Big mistake. Who just happened to perpetrate the tainted dog food, the lead painted toys, and other pseudo-corporate scandals against us. Oh, "It was a mistake." I believe that just like I believe that donkeys have wings and fly. When American companies purchase items from abroad each give their suppliers detailed specifications. Therefore it is only too convenient and absolutely false to suggest that a Chinese overseer "forgot" that U.S. doesn't allow lead paint or that we would embrace poisoned dog food to be shipped and sold in our country.

It doesn't take a Merlin to connect the dots on this deliberate act by the government to hit the U.S. citizens, raise the bar on terror. As for Taiwan and China? That threat is far from gone. All it takes is one nuclear bomb to wipe Taiwan from the map. It is immoral to lull the Taiwanese into a feeling of security before they are attacked. China is a brutal and rigid country and cannot be trusted. I was extremely upset when the United States gave it most favored nation status, exiling Taiwan to isolation without proper allies. That never should have happened.

What's more, China should never have been awarded the Olympics. I, for one, will not watch one minute of them, and will miss the swimming competition with great sorrow. Yes, I feel sorry for all the athletes, but boycotting the games for their host nation's human rights abuses is the only way to make a personal impact. All this talk of changing brutal regimes into milquetoast if only we are nice to them has never and will never work on the historical stage. Let's see some backbone, America.

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