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HERE IS WHAT LEADING gun rights advocates are saying about Alan Gottlieb's and Dave Workman's gripping new book—America Fights Back, Armed Self-Defense In A Violent Age.

  • “In America Fights Back, through vivid real-life stories of citizens forced to face the reality of violence, Gottlieb and Workman provide an accounting of America's crime problem largely ignored by mainstream media.”– Wayne LaPierre, Executive Vice President, National Rifle Association of America

  • “Americans love books in which the good guys win. Gottlieb and Workman are adding to that proud tradition with America Fights Back by documenting case after case in which gun-owning citizens who refuse to wear the label ‘victim' remain the winners.”– Jill “J.R.” Labbe, Deputy Editorial Page Editor, Fort Worth Star-Telegram

  • “How envious the anti-gunners must be of Dave Workman and Alan Gottlieb, for the authors of America Fights Back have the one thing gun-control nuts never will: the facts about firearms and self-defense in the 21st Century. Presented here in compelling fashion, those facts paint a vivid picture of how Second Amendment freedoms deter and prevent crimes. America Fights Back is a must-read for anyone considering carrying a firearm for personal protection.”– Brian Lovett, Editor, Gun Digest the Magazine

  • “Dave Workman and Alan Gottlieb are long-time heavy hitters in the gun owners' civil rights movement, and they keep their fingers on the pulses of what' s happening. This new collaboration of theirs is gripping for its deft combination of street action reports and legal/statistical correlation. It's a must-read for all those who argue for the right of the people to protect themselves and their loved ones.”– Author Massad Ayoob, founder, Lethal Force Institute

    We couldn't have said it any better ourselves. That's why the Second Amendment Foundation is urging you to buy this book today and help spread the word that gun ownership is important by getting this book into the hands of Americans, and thus making this book a bestseller.

    The "gun ban" lobby operating from the lunatic fringe does not want you to read this book. They know that this book is the ammunition that will shoot holes in all their twisted logic and emotional arguments.

    "Now people will finally listen to the gun rights side," say Alan Gottlieb and Dave Workman, authors of the soon to be bestseller—America Fights Back.

    The good news is Second Amendment Foundationhas sent a copy to every Senator and Representative in Congress—all 535 of them. And more copies to the White House and every State House. Why? The government's delusions about taking away your gun rights to fight crime are about to change forever—and soon.

    It could be the biggest Impact on gun rights this decade. Will it make a difference that they sent this book? We can only hope so, despite the fact that so many in this fight already have their minds made up, corrupted by influence peddlers on the move. But at the personal level, this book is a wakeup call—as well as a call to arms for every American.

    Just read this:

  • “During my years in the U.S. House of Representatives serving on the Judiciary Committee, I tired of listening to the arguments of one gun-control advocate after another endlessly repeat the same tired, baseless arguments in support of their efforts to disarm law-abiding American citizens. Now, in America Fights Back – Armed Self Defense in a Violent Age, we have a well-written defense of the Bill of Rights that provides both sound substantive arguments in support of the right to keep and bear arms, as well as true-life stories of how the Second Amendment works in practice not just in theory. This book ought to be required reading for every Member of the House and Senate; and every occupant of the White House”– Former Congressman Bob Barr

    America Fights Back contains gripping stories of armed self-defense by law-abiding American citizens, woven into analysis of gun control laws and a broken justice system, and how they have failed to protect us.

    A blockbuster book filled with the latest guns and self-defense true stories and research from two internationally famous authors, Alan Gottlieb and Dave Workman, it finally uncovers the whole secret story of the good side to guns and how and why America must stop the assault on our Second Amendment Rights. And more importantly, you can learn how you can protect yourself and your gun rights from this assault.

    Alan Gottlieb, founder of the Second Amendment Foundation is recognized as a member of the working press, maintaining active membership in the Outdoor Writers Association of America. He is listed in Who s Who in America, Who s Who in the World and Who s Who in American Politics. Alan has appeared on over 3,500 TV and radio talk shows, including the Lehrer News Hour, ABC s 20/20, CNN Crossfire, Fox TV, NBC Today Show, Larry King Live and Good Morning America. Alan is also President of radio stations KBNP in Portland, KITZ in Seattle, KITZ in Olympia and KSBN in Spokane and former Chairman of the Board of Talk America Radio Network with more than 700 affiliates coast-to-coast.

    Dave Workman is a career journalist, freelance writer and author. Now senior editor for the Gun Week, he spent 21 years as a senior editor and writer at Outdoor Empire Publishing. Workman began his career running a small-town newspaper and "stringing" for the Associated Press. Over the years, his byline has appeared in several newspapers and publications. Both Gottlieb and Workman have written several books.

    The One Book for Gun Rights Protection

    Inside America Fights Back, you'll discover the specific things you need to know to protect yourself from those that want to disarm you and make you easy prey for violent criminals and power hungry politicians. Don't be caught off guard. America Fights Back shares the things you must do now to protect your gun rights.. (If this book is not already on your need to get it there right away.) The only sure way to protect your rights is to understand the problem and take action. "America Fights Back" will help you do both.

    P.S. "America Fights Back" shows that the Second Amendment and the right to keep and bear arms is our most important right in our constitution.

    P.P.S. Will members of Congress read it? We would like to believe that most will. They might even agree with these readers who say...

  • “Who needs a gun? You do! And this book gives the reasons, complete with dozens of actual cases in which the man or woman with a firearm made the difference between life and death, health or injury in the face of violent criminal attack.”– John Snyder, Board Member, National Association of Chiefs of Police

  • America Fights Back offers a stunning insight into the other side of the equation — the one where the good guys win, using guns.”– Roy Huntington (retired police officer), Editor, American Handgunner Magazine

  • “In America Fights Back, Gottlieb and Workman draw you into the savage world of violent crime as confronted by ‘average Americans.' With gripping detail and a well-written page-turning style they weave together stories of how Americans turn to firearms to fight back against the worst, most violent and depraved predators that prowl our society. The story they tell in America Fights Back gives proof that…armed resistance to criminal predators works!”– Ted Deeds, Chief Operating Officer, Law Enforcement Alliance of America, Inc., (LEAA)

  • America Fights Back doesn't just break the myth of the gun free zone, it shatters it. This book is a serious exploration of the effects of violent crime, our liberal criminal justice system, and what we need to do to survive. A must read for every American.”– David Kenik, President of the Police Officers Safety Association, Inc. and author of Armed Response; A Comprehensive Guide to Using Firearms for Defense

  • “Wow! This is not a book full of statistics, but a book that gives you a punch in the stomach, a kick in the head. The authors wake you up to what kind of violence is truly out there and how men and women fight back and won't be victims. This is a must-read for all people who think the police will protect them.”–Paxton Quigley, author "Stayin' Alive: Armed & Female In An Unsafe World"

  • “Part textbook and part 'Dragnet,' America Fights Back is a terrific exploration of current trends in the gun control debate interwoven will compelling real-life stories.”–Peggy Tartaro, Editor Women & Guns Magazine

    Buy America Fights Back: Armed Self-Defense In A Violent Age.

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