Thursday, October 04, 2007


This past Sunday night, I was privileged to donate 13 werks of art consisting of five paintings, seven prints, and a copy of my book to a silent auction fundraiser for the Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW). The event was hosted by my special friend, Martine Zundmanis. Here, in Martine's own words:


Thank you all for coming to my place for the benefit party Sunday!!! I think it's safe to say that a grand time was had by all and we were all able to show our love and admiration for Iraq Vets Against the War vets and supporters and for the Washington Peace Center volunteers and staff.

You all pulled together over $1200 in donations and art bids – UTTERLY AMAZING!! I want to especially thank the artists who all donated so much more than expected: DARRYL WILLIS, GABRIEL THY, JAMES SHELVIN, ISIS, & NICOLE ENTWISTLE. I donated pieces made by DORIS ZUNDMANIS and OBERON BENASUTTI & Jose Rodriguez donated a piece made by VERONICA VELASCO MENDEZ. Thanks to their extreme generosity the auction raised over $500 dollars from art lovers who had fun out-bidding each other and will treasure your pieces.

Thanks also to Adam Kokesh (Nat'l IVAW Co-Chair), Geoff Millard (DC IVAW Chapter Pres), and Jay Marx (Wash. Peace Ctr. Coordinator) for giving us their inspiring words and updates on their respective organizations current campaigns and actions. TROOPS HOME NOW! NO WAR ON IRAN! To contact them go to and

It was a privilege and an honor to have poet Rick and Carlos Arredondo join our gathering of friends and neighbors and Jim and the Peace Bus with all the Vets, CodePinkers and Greens! Rick's poems are TRUTH - fantastic, and he and Mike got the party singing strong with live music! We also have a big shout-out to Jim for loaning and Glenn for bringing the BBQ grill and to Echo, Norman, Jay, and my big-bro Reich for set-up and clean-up help – you guys ROCK!

I had a wonderful time hosting and thank you so much for supporting IVAW and Washington Peace Center! Together we struggle and Keep Up the Fight!

Love & Peace--

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