Monday, September 24, 2007


Industrial freshness in oil rich Qatar

The ME state of Qatar has upped its share in the London Stock Exchange to nearly 24 per cent, giving the gulf state and its neighbour Dubai a controlling stake of nearly 52 per cent.

The Islamofanatics (sic!) are nothing if not superb Machiavellian practitioners of black intrigue. What better way to drop the equivalent of an electromagnetic pulse on an entire economy than with the weapon of stock exchange ownership? This is from the same playbook as the Dubai ports deal. Go after Western critical strategic non-military assets, control them and then put the economic squeeze on us. They did it with oil and they are using that as an example for further exploitation; but now they will use economic force to propagate Islam.

The bureaucrats in London, Washington, and New York should set aside their copies of Adam Smith and think about what is happening here. This litany of incidents were major direct attacks on our nations' financial systems in an area where we have no line of defense. Once economic control has shifted into "enemy" hands, Washington becomes irrelevant.

The Secretary of the Treasury and the Chief of Economic Advisors should be revolting against this stealth takeover of Western markets. They should forget about this globalism crap and throw out Queensbury rules, returning to WWII economic controls on enemy assets. The Islamofanatics only abiding rule of engagement is doing whatever it takes to win, to establish a world caliphate. They cannot win with a direct confrontation against a carrier group or an infantry division, but they can win with an economic ax threatening Wall Street which could easily slam into and paralyze the country's economic backbone. Only teeth-gnashing Marxists can cheer at this news. Make no mistake. They are cheering.

However, it is also true that Muslims owning a stock exchange is not the end of the system, not yet anyhow. What exchange ownership can control is which company to list or unlist. But even here there's a ball & chain of regulation to abide since all exchanges operate by local laws. I understand that a "Stock Exchange" is simply a trading space. Remember the Dick Grasso scandal? In fact, an exchange is a company by itself. If one falters or grows unstable or unfriendly there is always market space for another trading space company to spring into place, although by most accounts, the London Exchange is arguably the centerpiece of global trading.

Dubai has control of the Nasdaq also. The Saudi's are "playing" around with the US dollar. They have their tentacles in our media, they control the oil and now this. Now, where did I put all those "The End is Near" signs I rescued from a dumpster oh so many years ago?


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