Sunday, April 25, 2010


"I see pieces of men marching, trying to take heaven by force;
I can see the unknown rider, I can see the pale white horse"

Bob Dylan

The fight in this country is not between left and right, but between liberty and tyranny. Big government Hamiltonian progressivism vs small-government Jeffersonian democratic-republicanism.

It's nothing new. It's as old as the Nimrod vs Abrahamic styles of government.

Ron Jones, The Jones Family

I remember early fall 2000, sitting in a fast food joint eating my burger when I overheard two old men chatting about the upcoming election. Neither were rock solid in their decision yet, although they seemed poised to split their vote between Bush and Gore. However, I heard one of them say that he didn't think he could vote for Bush because he didn't think that Americans should elect dynasties, pointing out the Kennedy family example with the presumption America would have been better off without that particular dynasty. They begin to act like kings, he added.

I left amused and enlightened by their conversation but voted Bush the younger that year. Will political truth always remain so compromised I wonder...

Gabriel Thy

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