Wednesday, February 11, 2009


WARREN BUFFETT, THE RICHEST MAN in the world advocates that America must balance it's world trade balance account if we are to survive because he knows in doing so America will gain $760 billion dollars (our trade deficit) in new jobs every year.

We can hear the Texas twang of US Presidential candidate Ross Perot in 1992. If America had a Positive Trade balance, then we should stay NAFTA and the WTO. But that's not the case. Six months after America Pulls out of NAFTA and the WTO. America will be back to gaining new jobs big time. Because $760 billion dollars in new jobs is a lot of new jobs.

Currently, even the "higher paying technical jobs" we were promised are being farmed out overseas.

We're tired of talking to computers when I want to ask the bank about my retirement funds. When I do get someone on the line, the sap is usually in Florida or India while I am sitting in Texas.

We're tired of not having enough checkout people and being urged to use a computer.

We're tired of turning over everything we buy and finding the words "Made in China". Especially when we are told much of what we buy is actually manufactured by "workers" of the Chinese army.

We're tired of being told we're intolerant because we think people who come to the USA should immediately learn to speak English, especially those taking American jobs. The melting pot has vanished along with national pride. Instead, we have a rotten stew of simmering self-interested minorities who maintain loyalty only to the country or religious entity from which they immigrated.

Yes, this is our response to this endless apologizing to the world for acts of tyranny we never committed...

America became great through the good ideas and hard work of her motivated citizens, who met challenges and transformed these ideas into solutions. Our industrial revolution spread and benefitted people throughout the world. However, as technology improved, America made her greatest mistake, allowing a large number of our manufacturing and agricultural businesses to be outsourced. We need to get back to basics, people! We need to re-institute the Puritan work ethic on which this country was founded and made great!

We need to support each other as Americans! It's nice to 'help our neighbors' but let's be truthful, if we can't afford to take care of our elderly, homeless and veterans, and if we can't afford our own healthcare, how can we afford to continue to give foreign aid to the rest of the world? The world is quick to condemn America but falls short on memory—we are always the first ones to offer a helping hand in a disaster, we are the first ones to send food and money and medicine to countries all over the world in their time of need, and all at no cost to the recipients—only to the American citizens!

Perhaps we should ax foreign aid and redirect that wealth to our own people, to our own economy, to our own success—instead of climbing aboard a sinking ship contemplating trade war strategies. In all fairness, we need to put Americans back to work—in manufacturing, industry, agriculture, healthcare, service, and every other area of contempoary need. America needs to withhold funding from Congress to allow them to see where the money they so readily and irresponsibly spend is actually derived.

Congress does not own the treasury. Money is the operative exchange unit for goods and services rendered. Money does not grow on Congressional trees...

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