Friday, October 10, 2008


AND HERE"S A WONDERFUL comment I found on the blogosphere—hell or high water, I hope Georgie Bush and his penchant for ease-dropping ultimately has this all on tape. John McCain needs to stop being coy, suit up, get militant, and proceed in all earnestness in striking at the head of this dragon. Sarah Palin needs to be carrying an AK47 and names need to be named. It is time for resignations and indictments.

Pursuit, punishment, retribution and reform in a post-2008 America—NOW! Of course, the Obama campaign will scream racism. But that's okay. That's what THEY DO. Charming, isn't it? And if Obama wins, there are those who believe chances are he'll do the same, but think Joe Stalin, not Joe Six-Pack. Charming campaign, isn't it?

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