Sunday, March 02, 2008


In light of a recent "libel tourist" piece of legislation passing one house of the state legislature in New York, I wanted to respond to a common supposition many Americans have with regard to the "American experiment" called democracy. To paraphrase the tribal wit of the fictional Forrest Gump, democracy is as democracy does. And given this critical time in our nation's history when economical, cultural, and military strains are weakening our resolve to fight the good fight in some many areas of life, I will start with these three sentences.

No foreign law trumps American law.

No foreign restraint of freedom of speech can over-rule the First Amendment.


In theory, this is true, but American law is often subverted by the assailing forces of political expedience. If we postulate that the Saudis own a big enough chunk of American assets or debt to force capitulation to terms antithetical to the spirit and letter of American jurisprudence, this is not much different than the Supreme Court's recent decision to overturn property rights law in favor of commercial interests. So surely, we all recognize the ingenuity of certain fee-tweaked minds laboring in the business of hairsplitting to "reinterpret" our most cherished legal language under the banner of protecting the "public" good to make what "once was" now a "relic of the past".

As a staunch culture nationalist first, and a peace-loving kitsch-sharing globalist second, we should indeed keep a watchful eye out for this type of treasonous behavior in our leadership, and even those in the street, our neighbors, our friends, our families, and fight if must be to keep our constitutional freedoms, especially those which strengthen us and protect us from those enemies who would threaten not just these liberties, but our lives and our destiny as a free decent people. Upon reflection of other pressing matters such as lax immigration enforcement of policy, faulty trade agreements acrruing massive deficits, foreign takeovers of critical ports and other security-related operations, we can easily see that something is rotten in Denmark, and it isn't Denmark, but it is the enemy within, both foreign and domestic, who would continue to chip away at common sense and responsible liberty, and threaten all we with proven philosophies hold dear.

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